If you do call yourself a runner, can you handle the truth?




From the Rage Archives

While on the path of truth,
choose the fork that will yield the most pain.

Subject: What's the Number?

Alright...I hate to be blunt, but...you know me....what's the number? You know what I mean...it all boils down to a number...I have one, you have one, everyone has one...and whether or not you can look someone in the eye and continue holding eye contact without telling them to get back in the van, turn away in disgust and tell them you can't even look at them anymore ALL comes down to the number...the number is the truth...it means attitude, effort and what kind of stains you had on your singlet after the race...don't give me any of that "it hurt" or "it was too cold" crap either....just give me the number...........The Rage


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