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Truth is found through devotion,
and intensity is the only true measure of devotion.

Subject: The Road Not Taken
Date:  21 Feb 2000

...and we ain't talkin'any Bob Frost poem, either. We're talkin' a serious February twilight run on the Ridgeline Trail from Willamette to Dillard. Got too dark on the way back and couldn't see the mud holes. Decided to stay on the black top around the Butte.

Had lots of time to reflect back on the many roads not taken in my little detour. If they had that laser surgery back in '73, I bet I could have picked up the spin on the hard cutter a split second sooner. So I took the golf fork in the road, thinking this baby is sitting on a tee and does not start out at your head. After checking out Hale Irwin's specs on the tube one day, I thought there was hope on the links...and that's about all there turned out to be. But get me some of that laser surgery AND a big headed titanium Calloway, a set of oversized irons with one of those Olimar three metals and roll back the tape, baby. Instead of sucking air down South Willamette, I might not be teeing it for a living, but I would have a lot better chance sucking air carrying someone's bag with their name on it, eh?...or at least getting the clubs out of the trunk of the members cars...

Yeah, so I should have started running sooner.


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