If you do call yourself a runner, can you handle the truth?




From the Rage Archives

Truth is found through devotion,
and intensity is the only true measure of devotion.

Subject: Flatlanders and the Truth

For years, I have searched for the Truth from other Valley floor flatlanders...those of us who wear all of that SportHILL shit, but don't know the truth about hills. I have now experienced the Truth. I have been broken by the Master. My legs are dead. My weakness is exposed. I am now like Grasshopper, wandering up the mountainside off of the desert floor in search of the meaning of life, only to find the Master, staring down at me, unable to hide his utter disgust, saying..."The Truth only comes from within, my son...and I see no vomit on your shirt...Keep searching my son, for the reality of today is that you ain't shit...now...get off of my mountain...go back and put on those SportwannabeHill sweats...I can't even look at you right now...The Rage

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