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Truth is found through devotion,
and intensity is the only true measure of devotion.

Subject: Dogs Don't Need No Sink

There was once a time I could spend a three day weekend in my 66 Chevy Caprice, but I was solo then. But I did live out of a Toyota Corolla with 2 other guys taking highway 1 all the way to TJ for a couple of weeks, getting 86'ed from Pasadena along the way and getting some real weird looks from the beautiful people as I took a few unshaven cuts with the Big Lumber just off 17 Mile Drive, taking it out toward Japan and drawing it gently toward Hawaii...You think The Rage could handle a few weeks doing dishes in a bathroom, eh? While I didn't even have to take one shower on my back porch like some serious remodelers, my cushy middle age existence had me whining like a dog, kicked out onto that same back porch. But...note that I said "had?" That's right, baby. Whine no more. THE SINK IS IN! Plumbed and ready! We heated up pizza in our own oven tonight!

While you might think this is crazy, I believe going without a sink has brought out some more of my "dog under the porch" instincts. I have eaten really bad, chased Manciata through the woods and up mountains, ran through creeks (and loved it), ran through a foot of snow (and loved it) and ran a 5:06 in January. Strange how a remodeling project or working at a certain wafer fab plant can make you feel like you want to chase after a pickup, but it does.

The Rage 2/4/00


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