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If you do call yourself a runner, can you handle the truth?
Races and Road Runs

Rage Race Report: 2013 Rhody Run 10k

Florence, OR – Nothing rattles the crab pots in Old Town this time of year like a pod of Harleys rolling to the annual Rhododendron Festival. But this year, long before the first accountant shook off the hangover, donned on black leather and Henna tattoos for yet another weekly tough guy delusion, the roar of the Eugene Hackers had already thundered through town. (More on the Rhody Run).

Complete Rhododendron Run Report 2013

Rage Race Report: 2007 Hood-To-Coast Relay
Endorphiends Fall Short

Seaside - A lot can happen with 12,000 runners crammed into 2,000 vans in a 197 mile relay. But nothing ever happens the way it's supposed to when these particular twelve individuals comprising Team Endorphiends get behind the wheel.

But you don't have to tell that to Team DOA ("Dead on Arrival"). Complete Hood to Coast Race Report

Rage Race Report: 2007 Eugene Marathon

Eugene, Oregon - A start at the front doorstep of Pre’s house? Warm up loops on the same surface where legends have run and 2008 Olympians will emerge…?

Does it get any better than that?

Uh…yes it does. Especially when you add Boomer, K.C., The Bavarian, T-Bone, the Endorpheinds, Coop, Josh, The Rage and everyone else that finally got to sleep in their own beds the night before a marathon...which hasn’t happened since 1982 in this town.

And the best part is none of us had to mortgage our homes to do it, like race director Richard Maher did, to bring a marathon to this city and thereby erase one of the few blemishes on the resume of the otherwise undisputed running capitol of the planet.

Nor did we have to get up at 3:00 a.m. to set up the course or help keep 1,500 people alive who would be spending a good portion of their Sunday doing the equivalent of running darn near to Drain, Oregon as the crow flies from Hayward Field.

Or if you’re not interested in getting flushed down some drain, and are not a crow, how about just running to Crow…just west of Eugene, which is about half that distance? That’s what 2,000 of the rest of us would be doing.

So, let’s find out who would have made it to Drain…or who may have felt like they got hung up in the plumbing somewhere along the way…. (More on the Eugene Marathon)

Complete Eugene Marathon Report

Rage Race Report: 2007 Pear Blossom Run

Medford, OR - While Southern Oregon natives as in the likes of Kyle Gee and The Rage might have a special appreciation for the culture of this part of the state, K.C. Taylor might say "culture schmulture." An even ten miler is what brings him back here year after year, and he could give a rip about whether or not his Toyota pickup fits in or not.

Taylor was raised on a healthy dose of sub-two minute 880's and offers no apologies for his aversion to 15 kliks as opposed to a nice, even ten miler. With all due respect to his friends from across the pond, his yammering while training for this one often includes: What's up with 9.3 miles anyway? If you asked Taylor, it would probably go something like this: So, after having busted your chops with 55 minutes of racing, if you're going to stop there, why don't you just go ahead and get an early start on your post-race French Press while the rest of us finish the race? (More on the Pear Blossom 10 Mile Run)

Complete Pear Blossom 10 Mile Run Report

Rage Race Report: 2007 Run for the Shamrock, Eugene, Oregon

With the Flintstonian (e.g. as in Bam-Bam) finish from a year ago firmly etched into the lore of this local ten klick, it was inevitable that the pre-race buzz would include some speculation about how tightly The Flintstones would finish come show time this year.

"Like a bunch of triple twenties in a 301 game…before the beers kick in," said one anonymous observer reflecting on last year’s finish. She was metaphorically referring to the popular dart game played well into the wee hours on a nightly basis in so many of the local watering holes sprinkled about this college town.

Allowing a pair of sub 37 performances just a week earlier to speak on their behalf at Champoeg just about 75 minutes north of here, Ken Vendley and K.C. Taylor served notice to the wannabes that no Flintstonian finish would be complete without Betty, Wilma…and yes…Pebbles…

Nobody wants to be Pebbles. (More on the Run for the Shamrock)

Photo Courtesy of Al Whalen

Complete Run for the Shamrock Report

Rage Race Report: 2006 California International Marathon Sacramento

Once again, the Eugene / Team Endorpheinds contingent would be well represented on the accurately promoted "Fastest Course in the West," prompting Rage to deem it the "Scandia of Marathons" which anyone from Eugene would know means one thing: On a good day, this bad boy can produce some awful fast times, inducing some serious salivation for anyone who shows up here ready to run, as in the likes of Mssrs. Tod Harris, Gordon Cully, Kyle Gee, Al Whalen, K.C. Taylor, Mark Kalen and The Rage.

On this particular day, the conditions were perfect, set up by virtually no wind, cool temperatures and a crystal blue sky made the generous first half stretch down Fair Oaks Blvd seem like a bob sled course. While three-metal is never a bad play off the tee, as in the case of the stormy 2001 CIM, on this day and on this course you could sense the Team Endorpheinds group fully intended to let the big dog eat today. And as we all left the starting line, we weren't alone. The garbage bags seemed to be defiantly torn off the runners in mid-stride earlier than most years…sort of like head covers angrily being yanked off the driver, despite the usual protest from more than one anal caddy. (Why are caddies so anal, anyway?) (More on the California International Marathon)

Complete California International Marathon Report

Rage Race Report: Team Endorphiends 22nd Overall, 2006 Hood to Coast Relay

So, what do Batman, The Rage and a proctologist all have in common?

Add the 2006 Hood to Coast Relay, and didn’t take long to find out.

While I certainly ain’t no Frank Gorshin, the clues to this riddle started to emerge when The Rage took the stick from K.C. Taylor in Sandy, Oregon and Van Two went to work.

So it would be for the next 21 hours, with Van One now going for a well deserved break after knocking off the first six legs of this 197 mile relay from Timberline Lodge on the face of the highest mountain in Oregon (Mt. Hood) to Seaside on the Oregon Coast.

Van Two was without the injured Thomas Kreuzpeintner, leaving Captain Gordon Cully with few alternatives, and (gulp) called The Rage as a possible sub. With the race less than two weeks away, I had run a total of five times in the last four weeks and quickly went to work…on my list of excuses! It felt weird running my 6:30’s when a guy that could otherwise give the team sub-6:00’s sitting right there…and otherwise looking real fast. What was cool is that Thomas still came along and drove…and everyone was glad he was there.

Having taken the stick at 10:15 p.m., The Rage would be outfitted with the patented Kalen Cranial “Ass-Fault” Illuminator™ that Mark (Kalen) undoubtedly sells on the side to proctologists all over the planet. (More excerpts of the 2006 Hood to Coast Relay).

Race Report by Michael Logsdon: Crow Pass Crossing - Alaska

The Crow Pass Crossing is held every year near Anchorage, Alaska and runs from just outside the town of Girdwood to the Eagle River Nature Center. The course is 24 miles long over a mountain pass, through a river, and on a trail that ranges from scree to dense vegetation....The entry form for the race is pretty hardcore. For a first time racer to qualify to even enter he or she has to have run a half marathon sub 1:45 or a marathon sub 4:00 in the last year. This is to make sure everybody can make the 6 hour time limit, as in if you finish after six hours you're disqualified and race officials are "not amused." (More excerpts of the 2006 Crow Pass Crossing).

Complete Crow Pass Crossing 24-Miler Race Report by Michael Logsdon

Rage Race Report:

2012 Califorinia International Marathon

"…People say I'm crazy doin' what I'm doin'.'
Well they give me all kinds of advice,
To save me from ruin…."
- John Lennon, "Watching the Wheels"

The Rage is back.

First, kudos to the purist of pure John Lennon fans who caught the reference to Lennon's last piece of work, Double Fantasy, and thanked me for not quoting the other Side B tunes where the shrills of Yoko don't reign down.

I'll spare all the details, but let it be known, that the journey back over the last several years has been a long, hard, injury riddled trail, culminating in an unexpected Double Fantasy on December 2, 2012 (California International Marathon) and March 3, 2013 (Napa Valley Marathon).

The numbers: 2:59:15 (CIM) and 2:57:56 (NVM).

(More on the California International Marathon)

Complete California International Marathon Report

Bosworth's Race Report: 2005 McKenzie River Trail Run 50K

Walking into Harbick's Country Store in McKenzie Bridge is like stepping into a time warp. The classic "General Store." They have generally everything. Hot food, cold food, dry goods, cleaning supplies, clothing, fishing and hunting supplies, tools etc. My specific goal was to find the right pair of gloves. I ran the McKenzie 50k Trail Run in 2002 and fell six times. I needed gloves that were light, breathable, but tough enough to protect the palms of my hands when I fell. Not if I fell, when I fell. It was inevitable. Strangely, it was never in the technical, rocky, winding, chiseled lava sections, it was usually after that when you take a deep breath and relax and start looking more than three feet down the trail, or taking a drink of water or messing with a GU pack. Catch a root or small rock and Wham! Get up, brush yourself off and start again. Each fall reminding you to pay attention and I managed to forget five more times.

Harbick's must have a hundred and fifty types of gloves to choose from. I settled on some stretch nylon gloves with rubber coated palms and fingers. The rubber was a dense light gray coating that I figured would do a great job of protecting my palms from rocks and gravel. My thoughtful and caring wife Shelly thought they might not breath enough so I cut the fingers off. Now they resembled biking gloves. Perfect. Complete McKenzie River Trail Report

Rage Race Report: 2005 Scandia Run

Like “The Babe” pointing to the fence at Wrigley in the 1932 World Series, 12 runners at the 2005 Scandia Run put their game faces on and called their own number before they even toed it up.

But even after all the smack at the DAC, the only safe bet was that after this year’s Scandia Run, someone was going to walk off with what was tucked safely away in the truck of K.C. Taylor’s tightly secured vehicle (e.g. he left his P-Diddy CD playing with the windows rolled down during the race).

The other safe bet was this thing was going to be settled on a sultry morning on one of the fastest 10K courses you’ll find anywhere.

Keep in mind that a $60 pot is about as serious as these running junkies ever get having bet five bucks a piece (…we’re talkin’ their own money here) on predicting their own finishing times, all of which would test each runner if they were to come closest to…and beat (a controversial “no sandbagging” rule put on the table the night before not without a lively debate). Complete Scandia Report

Sunriver Turkey Trot, 2004

It was a bit nippy, to say the least. Matt Logan was about to find out what running a hard three miler on November 26 feels like in central Oregon (not to mention the 4400 feet of elevation).

Matt runs for Branham High School’s (San Jose, CA) cross country team. He was also the only district meet qualifier from Branham (not too bad for a freshman).

It was about 25 degrees during our warm up, and his hands and face already were reminding him where he’s used to running. No big deal. After all, he’d be running with Uncle Rage.

Complete Sunriver Fun Run Report 2004

The Road from Bangkok to Angkor Wat By Todd Bosworth

It was early October when my friend Todd called me and asked if I want to go to Cambodia to run the Angkor Wat Half Marathon with him and his buddy Paul...The race is something Todd and I had read about and talked about doing for years. It was taking on mythical qualities with the conflicting dates, supposed cancellations and bits and pieces of information appearing and disappearing on various websites over the years. Certainly there was no official website. That would be too easy. Results were nowhere to be found. At the time of Todd's call one website had it on Dec 6, another on November 29 and another had it marked as cancelled. I contacted an event planner in San Diego, Kathy Loper, who had organized a few trips to the event and was doing so again this year. She hooked us up with a member of the event committee and we sent in our applications. Round trip airfare from Eugene to Bangkok was cheap. The hard part would be getting the last 300 miles to Angkor Wat. Overland or fly? Flying was easy but very expensive. We decided overland would be fun with the trip taking somewhere between 8 and 20 hours depending on weather, bus and or taxis as reported on the very informative www.talesofasia.com. We flew into Bangkok late Tuesday night and jogged early everyday in Lumpini Park and did some sightseeing. We hired a taxi Friday morning to take us to the Cambodian border town of Poipet. After an hour through customs, a Cambodian taxi took us the last 100 miles in four hours and we were in Siem Reap by 6pm. It was a fascinating drive.

Complete Angkor Wat Half Marathon Report 2004

Steep Hill Chase, 2004

Mark your calendars, folks. It’s the annual Steep Hill Chase in Alton Baker Park, Eugene, Oregon (June 12). It’s also marks the one year anniversary of Rage’s return to racing, following his devastating back injury and subsequent lumbar discectomy surgery. We caught up with him out on a run earlier this week and thought we’d check in and see how he’s doing. Our 10K Truth field reporter filed this report:

Q: So, Rage. How’s the back?

Rage: Fine. The Steep Hill Chase was my first race back, and I was pleasantly surprised with a sub-19 showing. I even passed one or two guys. The course looks great this year and should be another interesting venue, as we have come to expect from the one and only Todd Bosworth (Race Director of the Steep Hill Chase). I’d love to run it this year, but I’m going to have to scratch. It’s a bunch of other aches and pains I’ve had since the whole back thing. Calf, hamstring, you know the drill. I just can’t seem to be patient enough to build the base I need to start ramping up my training and run injury free yet. I'm starting yet another comeback and this time, I'm going to do more hills first before I go back to the track. It's just great to be finally back running pain free. I just have to be patient a bit longer and gradually work back into my speed work before I can start racing again.

Q: Yeah, yeah, sure Rage. So, that pretty much translates to: "You can't run fast anymore. You can't run with Bosworth and Taylor. No team captain in their right mind would think about carrying your sorry ass on a relay team and you basically suck." Does that about cover it?

Rage: Yeah. That about covers it.

Q: So, is it true that we can look forward to the Rage turning to the junk mile hugger set and talking about the times he used to run…not that they were really that fast anyway, right?

Rage: Hey, now wait a minute…

Q: Is that shirt too small or is that actually a gut…

Rage: I'm outa here...

Rage Race Report: Team Kong Captures 3rd at 2003 CWR

So it all began with one simple proposal from Coop: “How about this, Rage: I’ll captain the team if you get us some runners.”

And so the deal was struck for our entry in the 2003 Civil War Relay…a 50 miler starting at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon and finishing at Linn Benton Community College on the south end of Albany. The theme of this relay refers to the annual football match up between the University of Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers …fondly referred to in these parts as “The Civil War.”

Complete Civil War Relay Report

As part of Coburg, Oregon's Golden Years Celebration, various running and walking events billed as "Run In The Country" are held during the third weekend in July. Among these are The Coburg Half Marathon and Coburg 5 Miler.

Rage Race Report: 2003 Run in the Country Coburg 5 Miler

Warming up, I noticed the familiar gait of Kyle Gee, who was back to defend his win in the Five Miler in 2002. Turns out he was injured, too (hamstring) and hadn't been 100% for some time now. We then bumped into Todd Bosworth, whose shredded legs looked like he had been running through the brush. Turns out, while he had laid a hash down the previous day through thick brush, he was going to run and wouldn't be pushing Weston, his young son, which is the only time I am reasonably certain I can run with him.

Complete Coburg Run In The Country Report

See 2002 Scandia Run race photos of T-Bone, Manciata (aka Vanilla Thunder), Gee, Bosworth, and other diehard Scandia runners! Plus 2002 Scandia Run Video Clips including The Leaders at Mile 1 and Vanilla Thunder being cheered (if you can call it that) by the Rage.

Archived Report: Scandia Run 2001

Scandia Run FinishIf you are looking for a fast 10k course, look no more, baby. This one, billed locally as a "Roadrunners Classic," most certainly is. Looking back in our race archives here at 10Ktruth, I couldn't believe that we have never covered this race. Every runner has their course and I would venture to guess that in the 27 years this race has been run, it has produced more personal bests than any course, any distance, anywhere. This race pumps out more sub-40s than St. Georges pumps out sub-3:00s. The key difference is you don't need a parachute on the first half of this course. It is as flat as they come…not a bump in it. That's what I like best about it. It's one of those "spare me the violin and just gimme the number" courses.
Complete Scandia Report 2003

2002 Steens Rim Run by Ben Logsdon

9:55 AM— The race starts in five minutes and the runners are lined up. I look around and see the nervous anticipation apparent in some faces, whereas others hold a determined demeanor. I feel a little nervous myself. A million thoughts run through my head. Time slows down for me. I watch the gun held high in the air, and the words, "Runners to your mark," ring out. In the next second I feel the space hanging between my heart beats. (Continued...)

Complete Steens Rim Run Report

1999 Steens Rim Run Finisher Dressed for Warmth

Regan, blizzard survivor 1999 Steens Rim Run, wearing layers of clothing and a shirt as an improvised hat at the finish

The Steens Rim Run is held on the first Saturday in August. Altitude is definitely a factor in this race. Extremely changeable weather also has a huge impact on your race experience. In 1999, runners and walkers who were slapping on sunscreen an hour before the gun went off were completely unprepared for white out blizzard conditions three miles up the mountain. (Steens Rim Run Report Continued)

Runners at the start of the Coburg Half Marathon July 16, 2000

Runners at the start of the Coburg Half Marathon on July 16, 2000


Some guy named "Manciata" was running with your number. He finished in the top 20. Looked just like you. - Mike (1999) This year (2000) another guy, named "Manclatik," was running with your number. He finished 11th place in the Half Marathon and broke 90 minutes. - Mike

Two Fourth of July Butte to Butte RunnersFourth of July Butte to Butte Race 2002 in Eugene, Oregon

After trying to get the annual image of T-Bone wearing that pathetic Fourth of July get-up out of my head, including that tie that he continues to keep well hidden from Tina, I tucked in behind a group of runners headed up Donald Street. They were all good runners, as usual for this race, which attracts a couple of thousand runners every year. Complete Butte to Butte Reports

Rage Race Report: 2002 April Fools 15k Run - Eugene, Oregon

The field for this race usually is pretty thin, given that it's early in the season for a 9.3 mile race. This year was similar to last year's field, with only 64 runners. The gun sounded and we were off. I reminded Todd how fast he went out last year, and he seemed to take note...

Click for the Rage's view of the Penguin: The New Prophet of Running

...With less than a mile to go, I knew all them would now be stepping up the pace, making my 6:05 9th mile a moot point. I was still five seconds behind Todd and he was digging hard in the final third of a mile. I was not going to get him. Not even Bruce holding up that stupid Runner's World Penquin ad could get my legs churning any faster. (Excerpt from The Rage's 2002 April Fools 15k Race Report)

Complete April Fools 15k Run Report

Oregon Marathon Relay 2001

Oregon Marathon Relay Team Killerwatts Action Shot!Desperate to sandbag our way into some hardware, and doing everything I possibly could to find some way to duck all the fast old guys in this town and back into a hat, I thought I could tiptoe quietly into registering for the Open Division, which I noticed was pretty thin last year. Problem was, I found out we were too old for the O.D. It looked like we'd have to run in the Masters Division after all…which I knew meant we were toast against the likes of Robert Towne, Daryl Egbert, Dave McJunkin, and a couple other teams who took another version of Team Killerwatts to the woodshed last year (actually, Daryl's team basically gave us their hats last year, when they had a runner take a wrong turn). So much for sandbagging. I guess I'd have to wait to milk my handicap for Coop and Manclark on the golf course. (More on the Oregon Marathon Relay).

Complete Oregon Marathon Relay Report 2001

Race Report: The Devil Made Me Do It

The scene for the 2001 Truffle Shuffle was pretty typical Oregon conditions for this annual mid-February event at a place called Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon. While the theme for just about all of the running events anywhere in the nation this weekend was all about Valentine's Day, unbeknownst to me, the devil was waiting for me on the course. And I ain't talkin' no cupid, baby. I'm talkin' Mr. 666 himself. More on that, later.

Before the race, there was no evil in the weather. Just some Truth: cold and cloudy, threatening rain and a slight breeze. The only thing I didn't like thinking about was the thought of having to turn back into the breeze for almost the entire third mile of the four mile event, which me and 401 other runners would be dealing with in about 45 minutes. (Continued)

Complete Truffle Shuffle Report

USATF Winter Cross Country Championships 2001 held at Ft. Vancouver in Vancouver, Washington - Race Report by Terry Parks

I got invited to run with an >50 cross country team representing the Snohomish Track Club at the USATF Winter XCountry Championships held at Ft. Vancouver in Vancouver, WA. Herm Adkins, their number one runner has won the individual championship the last few years. He is a very talented guy that runs a few miles the week before the event and shows up and wins. This time, he apparently overdid it and tweaked his Achilles, so they called on me. I warned them I wouldn't be in Herm's league. There were only two teams in the 50 and over division. I was real happy with the race - I ran strong and smart. I was the 6th man on the team - top five score. Of course I was pretty determined not to be the last finisher on the team. (More Cross Country Championships Report).

Eugene All-Comers Meets

Eugene All Comers Meets were held during July 2000, at Hayward Field, Eugene, Oregon. Various Team KONG and 10k Truth runners took part.

Click for T-Bone Breakthrough


Race Report: T-Bone Breakthrough

Complete Eugene All-Comers Meet Report

Jasper - Banff Relay

This year, five runners from Eugene would join eleven others from Seattle and Canada. Bruce and I were joined by Tommy, Ron and Bill and all flew into Calgary, rented one of two support vehicles the team would require and then made the five hour drive to Jasper. For someone who has not made this drive before, you spend most of it with your mouth hanging open, especially when you see the hills you are going to be running up. I got tired driving up them.

We arrived in Jasper and met our fellow Morons and received our official leg assignments. As we each pondered our assigned leg, the CEO of the team sponsor (GeoEngineers out of Redmond, WA), laid down a gauntlet and challenged the group to beat the Geo team record of 22:30. (More Jasper to Banff Report ).

Complete Jasper-Banff Report

Special 10kTruth Event Coverage of the Prefontaine Classic from the incomparable Rage! Click for more on the World's Greatest Athletes that gave their all at famed Eugene, Oregon's Hayward Field: The House that “Pre” Built!

Suzy Favor Hamilton at the Pre Classic
Photograph by Jeanie Dunn

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