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Rage Race Report: 2013 Eugene Marathon & Half Marathon

It’s been awhile since The Rage has invoked the “Flintstone Finish” (e.g. Bam Bam) from the official 10K Truth glossary to describe the ultimate race…but the Eugene Half Marathon had one of those finishes.

If you were in the West Grandstand on April 28, 2013, at about 8:10 a.m., you couldn’t help but have noticed two neon singlet clad runners burst onto the Bowerman Curve.

It was Orin “Shoe” Schumacher and Orestes “OG” Gutierrez, whose dead heat race over the last 13 miles was going to have to be settled on the storied “B.C.” The Zatopek-like expressions on their faces suggested this was a big deal.

It was.

And only can be appreciated by knowing what had transpired up to this point….both pushing each other to be better.

Lost, but not forgotten on this race day was how many minutes these two had shaved off of their times in recent years since they went into the recording studio. Purists within the Eugene Hackers knew that OG and Shoe were much more than training partners. They are Wozniak & Jobs, Lennon & McCartney, Plant & Page, and Tyler & Perry. And no matter how many hotel rooms get trashed along the way, the numbers keep going down for both.

I picked up the action at Mile 7, after having spent the wee-hours of that morning on this year’s Cone Crew, working with my fellow Cone Heads creating an orange gauntlet that separated the full and half marathoners along the shared course. I parked the Dodge along Amazon Parkway, and waited for the runners to come through, ready to hop on my bike and take a few photos along the way.

As expected, Shoe and OG were separated by a few yards, at best…with OG breaking trail. Yeah, this scene had played out all too many times…the younger, highly talented runner succumbing later in races to the journeyman racer Shoe, whose times in the marathon (2:35) and half marathon (1:12) had steadily been lowered over the last couple of years, pulling OG’s down with Shoe’s (half - 1:14; 15k -51:19 and; 10 mile - 55:29) all in the last year.

On a bike, you can see the action up close…and my guess was some separation would happen on the 19th Avenue hill…at mile 8. Nope. They were still separated by only a few yards. At 10 going up the hill to the Knickerbocker Footbridge, Shoe seemed to surge, but then OG came right back.

At 11, the pace started to quicken significantly, as OG started to press. Shoe let him go, and quickly, OG had put 15 meters on him. As they passed 12 heading for the Autzen Footbridge, OG’s 5:14 pace had created a 20 meter gap, and Shoe was responding…amazingly closing it by the time they had crossed the bridge.

By Franklin Blvd, with Hayward Field in sight, Shoe surged and now had a full step on OG. Those of us Hacker’s riding our bikes (Steve Bean, KC Taylor and Ken Vendley) were amazed at how these two great runners were battling.

Shoe knew what was coming: If he couldn’t create enough separation on a track guy before the track, it was over.

He was right.

Shoe could only watch as OG pressed through the Bowerman Curve for the best Flintstone Finish on 10K Truth since the days of Boz, Rage & Taylor at the Rhody Run, finishing on the Siuslaw High School Track in similar, but less spectacular fashion.

BAM (1:11:14 - Orestes Gutierrez , Personal Best)!
BAM (1:11:17 - Orin Schumacher, Personal Best)!

But Bam Bam wasn’t done. Cause here come some more Eugene Hacker’s:

Leo Alapont - 1:17
Josh Masterson - 1:18
Larry Coxe – 1:27 (Personal Best)
Gordon Cully – 1:28
Kyle Gee - 1:28
Todd Bosworth - 1:29

Eugene Hacker Eugene Marathon Finishers:

Lewis Taylor: 2:44
Sarah Lloyd: 3:03 (First marathon!)
Tod Harris: 3:17

Rage Race Report: 2007 Eugene Marathon

Eugene, Oregon - A start at the front doorstep of Pre’s house? Warm up loops on the same surface where legends have run and 2008 Olympians will emerge…?

Does it get any better than that?

Uh…yes it does. Especially when you add Boomer, K.C., The Bavarian, T-Bone, the Endorpheinds, Coop, Josh, The Rage and everyone else that finally got to sleep in their own beds the night before a marathon...which hasn’t happened since 1982 in this town.

And the best part is none of us had to mortgage our homes to do it, like race director Richard Maher did, to bring a marathon to this city and thereby erase one of the few blemishes on the resume of the otherwise undisputed running capitol of the planet.

Nor did we have to get up at 3:00 a.m. to set up the course or help keep 1,500 people alive who would be spending a good portion of their Sunday doing the equivalent of running darn near to Drain, Oregon as the crow flies from Hayward Field.

Or if you’re not interested in getting flushed down some drain, and are not a crow, how about just running to Crow…just west of Eugene, which is about half that distance? That’s what 2,000 of the rest of us would be doing.

So, let’s find out who would have made it to Drain…or who may have felt like they got hung up in the plumbing somewhere along the way….

The Rage, Boomer and The Barvarian would be opting for the half marathon, with The Rage having a few demons to exorcise from a blow up earlier in the year at this distance.

Larry Coxe, an aspiring 51 year old would be making his half marathon debut.

Everyone else would be running the marathon…or, if you asked some of them…the “Varsity” race…leaving the unspoken (or, in some cases LOUDLY spoken) assumption that the half marathon would be for the “J.V.” Hmmm…..

So, there you have it. The fire had been lit….and they were off!

It was a scene that will undoubtedly be repeated for many years to come: A throng of runners the full width of Agate Street, taking a hard right on East 15th…onto Fairmount Boulevard…and then down East 19th Avenue…amidst a gauntlet of screaming Eugeneans!

With names printed on all the bib numbers, runners found themselves wondering if they were really that popular. In my case, I actually started to think my self inflated existence created on 10kTruth was…actually, uh….real…and, worse yet…legitimate. Suddenly it was as if I was really famous. Hearing all those “Go Rage” calls was sort of like being on stage, trying to belt out another tune with a 17 year old trying to rip the shirt right off my back.

But I didn’t feel nearly as famous as Todd Bosworth did, who had one runner seriously ask him if he was the mayor as we came down Amazon Parkway.

And while it might have been easy to dream I pumped out CD’s for a living, Boz jolted me back into reality by continuing to put the hurt on The Rage as we headed up 19th toward “The Pit” (e.g. MacArthur Court, just west of Hayward Field…another legendary facility on the UO Campus, where the Ducks made an amazing run toward an Elite 8 appearance in this year’s NCAA Tournament).

The half marathoners would be co-mingled with the marathoners for about 11 miles, and Boz and I were running with a pack of elite women’s marathoners, which by itself was really humbling. These women were kicking our asses and they’d be running twice as far.


So, it was time to suck it up and get to work. An opening 10k at 39:06 wasn’t bad, but it felt like it had been too much work and I knew the next few miles wouldn’t be pretty.

And the next three definitely weren’t. It wasn’t till the JV course hooked back down river toward the barn that I started to get a bounce back into my stride again and acknowledging all of my screaming fans.

In the marathon, things weren’t even getting started yet. Taylor was still able to speak, which was undoubtedly a shame for young Josh Masterson, given the randomness of the spew pattern. Cully was still right there as was T-Bone. Coop was turning it over doing his thing…and the Bavarian was already done.

Say what?

That’s right. In just under 80 minutes, Thomas had covered 13.1 miles for 19th place overall. The Rage followed several minutes later along with former UO great Jim Hill, Ken Prehoda, Todd Bosworth and, hitting his called number almost on the button with a 1:27 :15… Mr. Larry Coxe.

And then, we all settled back and waited for The Varsity…but they wouldn’t be coming along anytime soon…26.2 miles is kind of a long ways….so, I hopped on the bike and went back to see what was going on at the aid station at mile 23.5. The first one through was Taylor. While all talked out by that point, he was down to sign language, repeatedly flashing three fingers and pointing down after each gesture to Tom Bascom (scratch entry – broken foot) taking it all in on crutches. Translation: sub-3:00. At least he felt like he was still in the ball game.

It was going to be close.

Rendezvousing with Ken Vendley back at the finish as Taylor circled Autzen Stadium for the final loop, all was could do was wait and watch and implore him to get his sorry ass in gear as the official clock was now well past 2:59. When he finally arrives, Taylor predictably didn’t miss an opportunity for the dramatic, raising his arms and shouting “Boom goes the dynamite!” as he finished in 2:59:50….the last runner to break 3:00 hours.

Race Epilogue:

Right on Taylor’s heels was Joshua Masterson, running a personal best 3:01:37.

Here’s the rest of The Truth, baby...

Half Marathon Marathon
Larry Coxe 1:27:15 Gordon Cully 3:07:27
Thomas Kruezpeintner 1:19:58 Tom Williams 3:19:10
Todd Bosworth 1:26:28 Steve Cooper 3:42:00
Ken Prehoda 1:24:16 Jeff Walker 3:13:08
Jim Hill 1:23:39 Colleen Wedin 3:23:44
Matt Barnhart 1:09:16 Shelley York 3:57:21
The Rage 1:23:21 Tod Harris 3:16:32
Scot Priaulx 3:27:32

The Rage, 5/28/07

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