Q: What kind of running gear should I wear?

A: This is Manciata. On this particular subject, The Rage has stepped out temporarily to powder his nose...er..head. This is one of my pet peeves and I am afraid that my counterpart will muddy up our blue collar web site with his rather yuppie view on this particular subject. In cold weather, don't wear gloves. Instead, grab yourself a good pair of socks anywhere on your bedroom floor. They don't have to match. Wear a watch cap like Rocky Balboa. Take a pair of sweat-pants. Gray, of course. Cut them off at the knees with a pair of scissors and cinch up the draw-string and don't tuck it in. Absolutely do not wear any matching socks on your feet (I actually saw The Rage wearing Calloway Golf socks for a run, marked separately "R" and "L." I confiscated his Dodge pickup keys immediately upon discovery. In a later column, I will
let him write about what he had to do to earn them back. I will also let him tell you what he wore in downtown Frenchglen following the 99 Steens Rim Run for more on this see his daughter Jackie's "Guest Rage" description of the Rage at home). Put on a tee shirt and a wind breaker over that, and you're set. In warm weather, take off the wind breaker and watch cap. Grease down anything that rubs before you go. On long runs, anyone putting on any of those special order nipple protectors or one of those breathe-rite nose strips (any distance) is running by themselves. If the total cost of your attire, including running shoes, exceeds $90, you are over-dressed.

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