Q: Glad I found your website!

I am relatively new to running (close to 2 years) 33 yrs old, and "race" a 1/2 marathon at about 8:45 pace. With Truthful training how long does it take for improvement to show? Specifically, in another year could I hope to race at a 8 minute pace or a 7 minute pace?

Thanks. - J.T., 12/1/05

A: In answer to your two month old question, I think knocking off a minute and forty five seconds off your time in one year is too ambitious, but I think sub-8:00s is not out of the question with the proper training. If you've read the stuff on our site, you've probably read about me peddling Jeff Galloway's "Book On Running" (First Edition). It's out of print, but you can still get them on Amazon.com in reasonably good shape. I just bought one myself last fall. I highly recommend you get it. It has some great workout programs for runners of all abilities and is a great A-Z runners reference. I like it because it comes from an age where distance running meant something in this country. It might work for you. Check it out.

Good luck.

The Rage, 2/3/05

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