Q: Where can I find reg forms and info on the races talked about on this web site? I can't find dates, or info or registrations. Thanks, N.J., 2/19/04

A: Take a look at our Northwest Races Schedule webpage which has a list of links to organizations that put on many of the races we've written up. Go to http://www.10ktruth.com/the_races/schedule.htm and from there you can get to other race sites such as The Good Race, Race Center, Cool Running, and Running Club North where you should be able to find current race info, entry forms, maps and other details. If you are located in the southern Willamette Valley, the most helpful site will be GoodRace.com which organizes many of the area's races. The direct link to the Good Race is http://www.goodrace.com.

Good luck, The Rage

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