Q: Hi, I found your site tonight while conducting a Google search looking for a map of the Butte to Butte course. First, let me say that I like your page! Nice job! Second, do you know if there is a map of the Butte to Butte on the web? I've never run in a race and I'm going to run in the Butte to Butte this year. I'm slow, but it's a start. When I say slow, I mean it. If could average 8 minutes/mile in the Butte I'd be estatic! If you could offer me any advice on how far to run each day or advice on training for that first hill that I hear so much about, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance! D.P., 3/7/04

A: The best thing I can do for you is have you read my race report: http://www.10ktruth.com/the_races/butte.htm

Don't over-stress yourself on the first hill. Manciata gave me the best advice for this course: "The race starts on West Amazon." That's the best tip for race tactics.

Now, for preparation, if you want to get prepared, find some terrain where you can run uphill continuously for 30 minutes minimum. That way, come race day, going up the first hill won't seem so bad. If you can't, try doing hill intervals. Go about 90 seconds. Rest on the way down to do the next one and turn around and do five more or so. Do this workout once a week.

Now, for the course:

1. Start at 43rd and Donald Street.
2. Run Donald to Fox Hollow (1 mile)
3. Run down Fox Hollow to West Amazon (Mile 2 is close to 43rd and Fox Hollow)
4. Run North on West Amazon to Hilyard.
5. Turn north on Hilyard (Mile 3 is at Altertsons)
6. Turn left on Amazon Parkway and head north (Mile 4 is just short of 24th avenue).
7. Turn right on 19th Avenue and then left on High Street
8. Go North on High Street (Mile 5 is around 15th Avenue)
9. Keep running north on High Street.
10. Follow High Street into Skinner Butte Park (Mile 6 just around the corner)
11. Finish is right by Lamb Cottage in Skinner Butte Park. With this, you should be able to construct a map, if you can't find one.

Good luck. The Rage

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