Q: Hey Rage, I've been having difficulty lately coping with the conflicting advice that I'm getting from my "Personal Trainer" and my "Life Coach". It may just be a problem of different styles of communication but I have the discomforting impression that they're in competition with each other. On Mondays and Wednesdays I work with my Personal Trainer to improve my strength and endurance and I feel that I am really being pushed to achieve my maximum potential, while on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my Life Coach is helping me address my personal, family and work issues, and has begun to suggest that I'm becoming entirely too dependent upon my Personal Trainer and that my running is actually complicating rather than simplifying my life. You seem to be a very focused individual, Rage. Can you see a way out of this for me? And have you thought about becoming a Personal Trainer or Life Coach yourself? BTW, I'm working toward my first marathon and my trainer says I can seriously expect to finish faster than P Diddy's, alias Puff Daddy's marathon time of 4:14:54 and if I can't beat that then I just have to beat Oprah's 1995 Marine Corp Marathon time of 4:29:20. You see now why I'm desperate to keep my Life Coach and my Personal Trainer on the payroll? I know I can't achieve my running goals without them but their constant sniping is becoming a drag. Thanks in advance for your comments! "The Go-GirL"

A: Congratulations. I have never hurled to the extent you have induced without the aid of a track, Kong or one too many pints of Guinness on an empty stomach. But all is not lost! I suggest you upgrade the software on your PDA to add the latest and greatest Homewrecker Heart Monitor. This incredible software will overlay your heart rate on top of BOTH of your personal trainers. I especially like the GPS feature, which converts longitude and latitude readings into corresponding exact locations, records and timestamps them for when and where your workouts took place...and for how long...which is critical for max VO2 conditioning. If you lose the data for any reason on your PDA, the handy automatic backup feature you can get via a video ($29.99 plus shipping). But, if you can wait until your next race entry on a certified course, a copy will be automatically mailed to you, your family and your trainer's families as a complimentary gift. Best of luck to you. The Rage

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