Q: I am a foot pain specialist who works with many athletes and professional runners. I recently wrote an in depth article on runners/athletes that experience Plantar Fasciitis, and am curious if you would like to read and possibly post it on your website? www.plantar-fasciitis.org - And / Or exchange links from our websites? If so let me know, Thank you for your time, J.S., 1/10/04

A: Not to diss your fine writing, but no thanks on the link or re-publication offer. It's waaaay too cerebral for the blue collar crowd we hang with. To give you an idea, a typical urinalysis of a 10kTruth.com disciple might reveal traces of chicken feathers, some wolf bane, Power Bait (chartreuse with sparkles make the Walleye go nuts out here), chain oil, diesel and fertilizer...nothing the IAAF would get too excited about. Most of our sponsored athletes where surgical gloves when baiting client hooks on the Columbia, as any good Walleye worthy of taking up space in our livewells can usually smell a blue collar runner right through even the stinkiest batch of Power Bait. They couldn't tell a plantar faciatiatis from a planer from Florence, you understand what I'm sayin'?

Thanks again, and good luck to you. - The Rage (1/12/04)

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