Q: About a month and a half ago I injured my IT band running. As I was recovering and had developed a new stretching routine to avoid the injury again, I broke my collar bone in an incident unrelated to running. The doctor told me to lay off running for another month and a half so my shoulder will heal. What can I do to maintain a decent level of cardio while not moving my upper half? The doc suggested a stationary bike, but I never feel that I get much of a workout. Any suggestions?

A: I go with what the doc says, dude. Injuries ain't fun...especially back-to-backers. Been there. Done that. Although I am not a biker, Manciata has done his share of pumping. My guess on the "ain't gettin' enough of a workout" issue is to just pump harder...but not to the extent that your doc would frown on it. Good luck. The Rage (10/10/03)

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