Q: This is a question for rage. I recently suffered a ruptured disc in February. I somehow didn't require surgery, but it was still a very bad case. I took almost 6 months off, and have been trying to run for the past month or so even though I still feel some pretty weird sensations back there a few times a day. What I was wondering was how your back was doing. I really appreciated the essay on the back injury. I can't begin to tell you how much it's helped, especially when I hear that it's common for people with this sort of injury to never run again, let alone at the good level you do. That is about where I aspire to if all goes well. Thanks again for sharing your perspective and all the great writing on your site. - J., 9/29/03

A: Oh man, do I know what you're going through. Patience, my friend. While I was very lucky, I think I had a lot going for me, according to the doc. First of all, I only weigh a buck thirty. That takes a lot of pressure off my back to begin with. Second, mine was an accute case...that is, I knew it the second I did it, and it was a major hosing...making surgery a no brainer, even for the tightest of tight ass HMO claims dudes who held my life in their hands. Even through I got in quick and got the pressure off the nerve, I still have numbness in my lower leg calf area. It's not bad. I just know it's there. My only physical problem is the quad is still smaller than the other. It doesn't really affect my running...just looks weird...that's all. I also think I don't have the push off up hills, which is where I have really fallen off performance wise. However, I am very pleased overall to be where I am now. I ran a 29:58 five miler my first race back and almost lost it in the chute. You can't know...oh, wait...yes you can. I ran a 38:21 10k in August and really cruised it...so in that sense, I was pleased. My next event will be the Civil War Relay which is a 5 person 50 mile team event with each runner going 5 x 2 miles. So, in that sense, I am totally recovered. Will I ever be back to where I was? Probably not. Not because I don't think I could. It's mostly that I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger mentally on stepping up the rigor of my work outs. Right now, I am enjoying being pain free. I will never forget where I was...just a short 10 months ago.

Good luck to you. I know you can come back just like I did. Just be patient. Get a good MRI and talk to a good neurosurgeon on advising you on the best course of action for you. Good Luck. - The Rage (10/10/03)

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