Q: I have been running just over 1 year. I am a Senior in High school. I just ran my first race in cross country, my second year of it. a 20:30. After the track season I came down with Achilles tendonitis. So I was out from running all summer, it was bad. I biked and swam as much as I could, however.

My question is what can I expect for this season. I have been running every day for the past 2 weeks before the race I ran, so I have a long way to go. Before I was hurt I was running 7-10 miles a day.

Some of my times from track were 2:18 800, 5:10 1600, and 11:29 3200. I really wanted to knock my 5k time down to 18:00-18:30, I have several weeks left till state, Oct 25.

Also what should I do after CC is over to prepare for track?

Thanks for your time. I can't even start to tell you how happy I am to find a site like this!

A: Injuries are no fun. The good new is you will come back. You just need to manage your expectations and not try to step right back into running the times you were before you were hurt.

If you have only been running for two weeks after a long bout with tendonitis, you need to be realistic. An 18:00 - 18:30 5k goal might be a tad bit ambitious coming off of an injury. I'd feel better if you would shoot for a sub-19. Don't get me wrong. I think you can do it. Just don't set yourself up for a let down if it doesn't happen and allow yourself to enjoy your accomplishment and look forward to track season.

In terms of what you should do to get ready for track season, your first goal should be to stay healthy. You know you've run the times. You know you can run faster. However, you first need to give yourself the opportunity to step onto the track. The last thing you want to have happen is you over-train and the injury comes back. Yes, tendonitis is an overuse injury and can happen again. So, you should look at what your routine was before you got hurt and talk to your coach. Running every day between now and track season isn't necessary for you to better your track times from last spring. Ask your coach. I'll bet he or she could give you some workout plans that will provide the three things I believe you need to brace yourself for the stepped-up training you know will be coming in the spring: (1) rest; (2) fitness AND most importantly; (3) health. On the days you're not running, biking and swimming will help maintain your aerobic conditioning without all the pounding that goes along with running.

You might check out my story on how I came back from back surgery. Good luck. Let us know how it goes. The Rage

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