Q: Rage, I love your site and candid answers. I have been a sporadic runner since high school where I ran 5Ks in the low 17 minute area (PR 16:58) with little training. Looking back I wish that I had trained harder, but I am still rather young, 27, and think I may be able to become competitive again. Being an Atlanta native I am blessed with having the Peachtree Road Race, that is run July 4th, to get me motivated every year around spring, but I want to run past the Peachtree this year. In March, I ran a fairly easy 10K to qualify for the Peachtree. My time was 40:09. Even though they say this race is typically one minute faster due to a loss of elevation, I had only put in a total of about 60 miles over the previous 4 weeks to get to that point.

June 1st, just over a month before Peachtree, I started training again. I found several training programs incorporating speed work, cruise intervals and long runs and created a personally tailored workout with no guidance. I am a little worried that I planned no hill workouts remembering the hill sessions I used to do with the old high school cross country team , the Peachtree is less than 2 weeks away, should I bother with any hills? Or just incorporate hills into my long/easy runs? Also, the training sessions that call for me to run slightly under race pace and I find myself clocking 6 minute pace without a problem for 1 mile intervals. My initial goal was simply to break 40 which is a 6:27 pace and get into the top 500 so I could brag with my name in the Atlanta Journal. At a 6 minute mile pace I would be under 37 minutes! Granted I have been working allot harder this month than I did before my qualifying race, but am I kidding myself that I could possibly improve by 3 or more minutes?! What is a good way to determine a suitable race pace without stressing myself so close to race day? Have you ever drank coffee for its stimulating attributes before an intense training session or race? I have and it seems to allow me to push it just a little harder, only bad side effects is extra gas and the vague feeling that I am in some way using performance enhancing drugs. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention since the qualifying race in March I have picked up a part-time job as a valet parker. Two times a week I work a valet shift and run between 30 to 50 100 yard sprints. Will this help me at all for the 10 K distance, or does this contribute to the surprising easy 6 minute mile intervals? Thanks for the taking time! R.S., 6/24/03

A: I'd skip the 37 minute goal for the P.T. with it coming within the next two weeks. Just shoot for a sub-40 and don't broadcast it. Don't be baited into thinking you can hang on to a six minute pace for a 10k after a few mile repeats. Surely, you haven't been away from competition long enough to forget that in order to average sixes, you should be training in the 5:35 - 5:45 range…and three of those should feel…well, at worst "spirited" for a 37 minute goal. Trust me. The first couple might feel good, but somewhere around mile 4, you'll be hating life. Save the 37 for another day. I like hills anytime, but not too close to race day at this point. I think a couple of good 30 minute hill workouts…wherever you can find a climb that long in Georgia, couldn't hurt. As far as the coffee thing goes, I like a cup before a race. I'm told it frees up fatty acids in the blood…whatever that means. I just like to get myself pumped up in the morning, that's all. My prediction for you: You'll run 38:45. Let me know how it goes. Good luck. And thanks for asking. The Rage

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