Q: Preparing to run my first 10k, I have enjoyed your web site immensely. I started out in 1998 as a walker and gradually progressed to running. Went from a size 24 to a size 12 and have maintained for 6 years as a result of walking/running. I do not run much faster than I walk and I am interested more in distance than time (is that bad?). I began training and signed up for the Cotton Row in Huntsville, Alabama. On May 2, I ran 5 miles in 55 minutes. The next week May 5 - 10, I ran 3 miles a couple of times and 4 miles one day. On Saturday, May 9, I got up and got ready to run my planned route of 6 miles. I had not eaten well the day before and probably had not taken in enough water, I only made it 2.5 miles and even walking home (for a total of 4 miles) was tough. May 12 - 16, I ran 3 miles 3 different times. I felt good, we have been in a rainy (flooding) pattern and I run in the am before work so the weather has limited my running. This morning I ran 3 miles in 40 minutes, felt good. My plan is to run 4 miles tomorrow 5/20 and 6 miles 5/21, 2 - 3 miles 5/22 and off 5/23. 2 miles 5/24 off on 5/25 and the 10k on 5/26. To finally cut to the question, (sorry), I'm not sure that I'm ready. The last couple of weeks with so much non running time scares me. I know without a doubt that I can run/walk the course, but of course my goal is to run the entire distance. Am I ready and what would you suggest for this week's (prior to race) running program? Thanks. - J.C., 5/19/03

A: If you can't run 6 miles in training, you are not ready. It's too late to give you specific preparation advice this close to a race. However, I will advise you to be realistic. Relax and enjoy yourself. Chill on the run-the-whole-way goal. Your goal should be to finish and that's it. The run/walk idea is the wisest choice. You want the experience to be enjoyable. Save the run-without-stopping goal for when you are confident you can achieve that goal. NEVER enter a race without a realistic and achievable goal. Based on what you've told me, you haven't run 6 miles in training yet. Even if you have a great day tomorrow, you will be attempting your longest single run (by far) within six days of the race. I suspect you are going to be tired on 5-26...even if you don't feel tired. I fear that on race day, you will get caught up in the moment just like every first time racer (including myself) that I ever have known, start out too fast and turn the second half (or more) of the race into a death march. Trust me. Save the run-the-whole-thing goal for another day, and just finish with a smile on your face. Buy Jeff Galloway's Book on Running. He's got some great advice for runners (and walkers) of all abilities. Good luck. And thanks for asking. - The Rage

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