Q: My daughter and I are beginning a running program together. She is beginning her attendance at the UofO, having come to us from 2 years in the San Diego area. At 52 and 24 respectively, we will train for the June San Diego Marathon. My question is: is there a place I can get info on local race dates for 2003 in the Eugene area. Your web page is somewhat confusing to me. The link to the race page doesn't list much for our area http://www.10ktruth.com/the_races/schedule.htm and the other pages (with all due respect) don't list, they indulge. Your help is appreciated. Kenn

A: Sorry to disappoint you, Kenn, but this is the best available information to our knowledge in the local area and linked to the only other site we are aware of www.goodrace.com - With local events, the races typically appear the same time the following year, give or take a week and are firmed up within 45 - 60 days of the race dates and posted at www.goodrace.com. As you understand, with so many factors competing for local events, the race directors typically have to work these events around other competing local events. If you look back through the race results page on www.goodrace.com, you can get a rough idea of when the events will take place in 2003 within a two week window. This may be tough to enter into your Palm Pilot, but the Truffle Shuffle has a Valentines Day theme (that's around February 14 up here, usually the closest Saturday). The Run for the Shamrock happens pretty close to St. Patricks Day. The April Fools Run happens pretty close to April 1, you get the idea....But, the Butte to Butte ALWAYS happens on July 4, I wouldn't miss that one. That one however, will probably be going on pretty close to your San Diego Marathon...but maybe, it could be your final tune up. If you wanted to get some racing in for San Diego, I'd go with the Truffle Shuffle (4 miler), the Run for the Shamrock (10k) the April Fools Run (15k) and the Butte To Butte (10k). That's probably plenty of racing to spice up your marathon training. Hope this helps. - The Rage

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