Q: I am a runner who just moved from Los Angeles. I want to find a running club in Eugene, I was hoping you could help me. Thank You.

A: Rage, here. To be honest with you, I've had limited success with the running club scene, having difficulty fitting in or maintaining any sort of network of people who want to associate with me on a regular basis (e.g. see article on "The Basket Crew" on 10kTruth) let alone run with me. Also, if you've tried a web search, you'll note that Track Town USA is pretty thin on running groups. While this does not produce much in the way of referrals, I do know of some organizations that cater to normal people. You might try www.goodrace.com. They might be able to refer you to some local running groups (formal and informal) and when they meet for workouts. You'll also see a list of local running events, which is a good place to connect with local runners of all different abilities. I also recommend stopping by RunPro in Eugene (located on High St. just east of the 5th Street Public Market). They might have better connections to the local running club scene in Eugene. I also provided a list of popular places to run in Eugene where you might be able to connect with some other folks. Finally, the Oregon Track Club is another good avenue to get connected to local runners. Hope this helps. Good luck. - The Rage

List of Eugene running clubs: http://www.rrca.org

Oregon Track Club: www.oregontrackclub.org

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