Q: So my girlfriend is planning on training for the Ave of the Giants. I've volunteered to help out with her training by running with her and running support. It's her first marathon.

I figure I'll give her lots of props and leave the motivation to be self-generated. Our couch is not bad to sleep on but I'd rather not spend the next few months there. What do the statistics say about couples training together? Is it worth the risk?

Thanks for your advice.

A: If you don't be careful with this one, you'd better plan on some serious couch time, baby. In case you haven't figured it out by now, running is an individual sport. Don't be fooled by all of the gushing feel good spew so prevalent in mainstream running publications. The male ego can't handle getting their ass kicked by women, let alone a significant other. And, believe me, she wants to beat you really bad. Given this may be a life long commitment, you gotta know how bad she wants it and how she can handle conflict right away. I'd start with some quarters on a cinder track. Wait until it's pouring down rain. Eight oughta do it. Let her set the pace but make sure you take lane one. Force her out into lane two for the entire workout. If she tries to establish the lead position, cut her off, and show some spikes. That's right. If you don't have a pair, buy some. And, make sure they're cinder track length. It will probably get a little quiet after about four of these, and down right nasty around the sixth quarter, or so. If she is still talking to you after the workout, that's good. If she yells at you, flips you off and tells you to come back for another round next week, propose to her on the spot. - Rage

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