Q: I have completed 10 runs this year of distances of 13 miles or more, two of which were "official" half marathons. It seems in both of the halfs I got cramps in the calves at about the 11 mile mark. I was in much better shape for the second race (in October), but there they were again. They are not a problem while training; have not had them in any shorter races (a few 10K's and 15K). What is the truth about leg cramps? - Pat (Indianapolis)

A: Cramps are a drag. I'm not the one to offer opinions on the physiology of running. I am not qualified to give out that kind of advice. I can just give you my experience. There are some good half marathoners and some not so good. Maybe half-a-thons are not your thing. In my case, marathons are not my best distances. My predicted times using my performance from shorter distances indicate that I should be much faster than the times I have run. Manciata says I "just don't have a big enough fuel tank" for the marathon. Maybe he's right. Someday I hope to prove him wrong. But, in the meantime, sub-5:00 miles and 36 minute 10ks are just fine by me. If I never prove him wrong, I can deal with it. My advice would be to be to switch to shorter distances that you can enjoy. The Rage

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