Q: My question which hopefully you can suggest an answer for is: How should I train in order to better perform in a 10K race and simultaneously put on lean muscle through strength training? How can I avoid overtraining in pursuit of achieving both the above objectives, given that I have 12 weeks to prepare. I will appreciate your reply. - K.K.

A: I am 5'7" and weigh 128 lbs. I hate weight training. I believe strength is gained by running hills. I'm sure there must be merit to weight training. The key is developing the right muscles under the right supervision, but beware. The last person I would seek conditioning advice from to improve my running is some guy with a size 19 neck who looks like they ought to be wearing a sports bra. Don't get me wrong. Sports bras are o.k. I get beat by lots of good runners wearing sports bras. I just prefer not wearing one. That's all. The Rage

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