Q: I've been layin' down the truth up to three times per week but can't seem to get my pace down below a 7 minute mile. Any special stretches or diet supplements that might help me shave about a minute plus off that split? Any thoughts would be appreciated. - J.K.

A: Forget about those dietary supplements and stretching, baby. You're better off meditating in a pyramid before every run. You'd be amazed how much faster you can run if you run faster. No. This is not a rhetorical response. The key is not to bite off too much too soon. Go to the track and start running some intervals. Try a quarter to start with, check your watch and see how it feels. Walk two hundred meters and then try another. If you can't hold pace, slow down, so the next one you run, you will be certain that you can hold a consistent pace. (For you, Jeff...knowing that you are a hurdler who understands The Truth, I'll bet you can do 95 second laps). Find a pace that works for you...one you can hold consistently for each 400. Do this workout once per week, working yourself up to about 6-8 of these after two months (add about one quarter lap a week to your workout). Then, go for a three mile run and check your mile splits. I will bet that you will find that you will have shaved several seconds off of your average pace per mile.

The Truth hurts, baby...and if you're gonna run faster, ya gotta make it hurt! - Rage

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