Q: I've increased my miles to six a day. With that I now have blisters forming and what I call "rot" under my breast. How can I avoid this? I don't want to stop running and I like to keep myself challenged?

A: Given the problem appears to have started when you increased your mileage, I suspect you are getting some rubbing, perhaps with your running gear or skin to skin contact. In any case,runners who increase their mileage typically have to protect certain spots on their bodies, both male and female. Not knowing the extent of the problem you are having, I am hesitant to offer specific advice. I suggest you talk to your doctor on whether or not using lubricant on the effected area before you run might help. However, I wouldn't put on anything that might irritate the blister furthers or prevent healing or, worse yet, cause an infection. Again, talk to your doc. The Rage

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