Q: I am just starting to run...I am noticing that when I run I tend to lead with my hip joint. That is, when I land on the front of my foot I start to run by pushing off such that I feel a jump from my hip bones and the knees just follow. This is hard to explain...it feels like doing a trot on a horse...my hip bone is the same as the horse's...when you ride you feel that part of the horse rise...then my knee is like the front leg of the horse...it follows the motion of the back hip joint...then the hooves land (my feet) and the landing prompts the hip action again...like a trot...a slight jump and the forward motion begins again...but is that how you are supposed to run and does the question make sense to you? While if feels ok...at times my hip joints start to hurt and I'm not sure if that is because I am beginning or my style is just way off....what do you all think?

A: We forwarded your question to a professional in both equine and human movement. Here's her response:

I tried running as described, yesterday...It's all about orientation: This person is running backwards up a hill! I'm serious, try it, keeping that description in mind, because it fits almost exactly. Then you do lead with your hip, and land and push off your toe, etc. Seriously, when I turned around running I thought, hey, that is when you lead more with the hip, because of the hill incline. If there is no transference of weight rolling across the foot it becomes a shearing force sliding out its opposite diagonal via the opposing hip. Land on the heel and the foot rolls forward to push off on the ball of the foot and then the big toe. Then there is room for the other side of the body to swing through. Try it! - The Rage

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