Q: You guys are whacked. I rode my bike out to this Kong place to get a feel for what you guys are doing for kicks on a Sunday morning. Are you nuts? I walked the damn trail to the top to see for myself what it is all about. The climb is outRAGEous. Granted I am not a runner, but I like to climb mountains and backpack. I now know where to go for training the next time I decide to take on one of the Sisters. A 30 minute bike ride form Eugene and I am getting a great work out. With names like Rage, Manciata, Coop and T-bone I began to think you guys were a rock band still living in the 70's. After experiencing Kong up close and personal, I have concluded that you are just a bunch of guys who love pain that might have taken to much window pane in the 70's. Keep up the cool articles you goofy bastards. Billy Kipper

A: Dear Mr. Shears...er Kipper...(pardon the Beatles flashback): We here at 10K Truth tip out hats to you bikers and mountain climbers. You can dish out some Truth of your own. I admire anyone who can catch some shuteye in a sleeping bag velcroed to the face of El Capitan. And if you have ridden your bike to the base of Kong, you understand what pumping a bike into the wind is all about north of Coburg. But if you want to take your biking and climbing to another level, strap on 60 pounds next time and hoof it up Kong. If you can get to The First Corner in 10 minutes, the First Gate in 20 minutes, The Corral in 30 minutes, Gut-Check Burn in 36 minutes, to The Spine in 41 minutes, to The Wall in 50 minutes and The Corner in 60 minutes, you can talk all the smack you want. Until then, Mr. Shears, you are singin' outa tune, baby. The Rage

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