Q: I am trying to find a good food suitable for long distance and multi-day events. I have tried baking the "Logan Bread" but it comes out either half-baked or just too difficult to digest. Often times I get severe cramping and diarrhea from too much "Logan Bread". What food do you recommend that will work on a multi-day event which can be made at home for minimal expense? One more thing. My brother-in-law swears by a high-priced protein mix which turns out to be composed of dairy Whey. I bought a bag or "Bob's Dairy Whey" and used it in my baking. Will this do the same thing for me as the highpriced yuppy drinks?

Signed: Poor and Poorly Nourished

A: If you can't handle my bread, it sounds like the most stressful "multi-day event" you could swallow is a weekend in the studio audience of that stupid Survivor show. Nevertheless, if you are a runner, I would probably rule out ultra-marathons as what you mean by a "multi-day event" and am guessing we're talkin' relays here...but then there is the question of what kind of farm animals you would prefer to ride in your van, as the cheapest meal I can think of is goats milk, but you definitely won't be able to hammer the third leg if we're talkin' the Hood To Coast Relay...and forget about doing two at the Jasper To Banff Relay. And about that brother in law of yours: I suggest the two of you get together and rent "Cool Hand Luke." When they get to the scene about Luke betting he can eat 50 eggs, each of you should try to keep pace with Luke with your own bucket of eggs. Then, go run four hard miles. While you might not feel too bouncy about that time, I can guarantee you won't need any of that yuppy sports drink to elevate your protein level. Thanks for your question.

Editor's Note: If what you're really looking for is how to make a homemade energy bar, here's a link to Rick's All-Natural 40/30/30 Bars recipe page.

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