Q: Lately I've been suffering from self-doubt and loathing when it comes to my running and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a real runner or just a wannabe. What's a sure way of telling if I'm a real runner or not?

A: We've come up with a couple of lists that might help you in your situation.

  You Know You're Not a Real Runner When

Your speed workouts are crafted by John "The Penguin" Bingham

11 You grab a hamstring 600 yards into a mile race on the track and step into the infield, after everyone, including you, knows you really just went out way too fast.
10 You drink water during a 5k
9 You start bawling and hug people you don't even know
after your latest pathetic 5k effort
8 You actually consider wearing one of those stupid band-aid looking things on your nose
7 You wear the latest running gear and you suck
6 You seriously ask someone what kind of running shorts they prefer
5 You complain that hills hurt
4 You talk smack and ain't got no track
3 You think golf is a cross-training option
2 You post affirmations on your refrigerator
1 You think running is a lifestyle


You Know You're a Real Runner When

10 You have a weird looking running style
9 You carry a wad of TP in your shoe on long runs
8 You attack dogs when they come after you
7 You know every 10k time you ever ran

You care who Emil Zatopek is


You chuck in the finishers' chute

4 You don't worry about the runner behind you in the
finishers' chute who takes exception on how you carried
your elbows into the last turn
3 You refuse to hug anyone at the finish
2 You are angered by runners in your van who
don't give a rip about being a full minute off the pace they
said they would run
1 You realize that American distance running sucks

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