Q: I have been reading your web site and can't seem to find anything but stone age running advice. Either quit swinging from the tree branches or sprout some legs and at least crawl up on the beach and join the rest of the modern running community.

Intervals schminterals, hills schmills, Kong Schmong. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I am a busy person. I tried your hill and track advice and my cell phone keeps dropping off the waistband of my high-tech running suit. Do you know any where I could get some real advice? I am especially interested in the latest deep breathing relaxation techniques, energy bar performance and physiology research.

A: Our apologies for not meeting your needs. Perhaps your caddie could double as your personal trainer. You might also try parking your golf cart closer to the track so you don't have to carry your cell phone. While it might not help your running, try breathing rapidly into a paper sack everytime the NASDAQ drops 100 points. While we don't subscribe to the Adkins diet, instead of PowerBars, you might try pork chops. A word of caution though: You may not find them at the aid stations of your local 10k. Finally, we emphatically urge you to look with skepticism on any link of improved running perfomance and reverse circumcision.

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