Q: Let's face it. Those who choose distance running can't handle the real sports, like football, baseball and basketball...and especially couldn't even think about doing the ultimate physical challenge: NASCAR racing. Running is basically a sport for those without any real talent. Name me one distance runner who could do any of the skill sports...hell...if we want to pretend itis a sport just for a minute, I'll even throw in golf just to add to my argument...Take my advice: If you want to add some Real Truth to your website, let's start talkin' Richard Petty. I challenge any one of you wimps (and I mean you Rage, Manciata...and that blow fish on your home page, too) to slide behind the wheel of 'ol #43 at Datona for a couple hours. As Neil Armstrong said, "I believe God gave us all a limited number of heart beats,and I will be damned if I use mine up running up and down the street." Wake up and smell the coffee, Rage, Coop and you too, Parks.

A: Without any undue disrespect for the stellar career of Richard Petty and Neil Armstrong, whose accomplishments we respect and appreciate, we at 10K Truth would like to settle this once and for all. The Rage, Manciata and the JTB Blowfish challenge you and your heros Richard Petty, Neil Armstrong to a little test. Loser runs Kong every Sunday for a month. We will start with five laps around Datona, each of us taking turns driving Richard's car. Each of us taking our own fastest lap in MPH, with one point awarded to each MPH.

(Sorry Neil. No fair using your rig). Then will all will run five laps…that's right…around the Datona speedway. We will all take our times and subtract them from the MPH points. Immediately following the run, we'll take 50 cuts each from a pitching machine throwing 75 MPH fast balls. For each fair ball you hit, you get a point. Next, we go for 18 holes. You can play with any legal five iron manufactured before 1940. That's all you get to carry. Medal play. No mulligans. No gimees. No handicap. The course played will be one featured on PastureGolf.com. You subtract your score from your cumulative
point total. Next, we go three on three touch football (two hands), with one
point touchdowns between 28th and 29th Avenues on Kincaid Street. Five second count on rushing the passer. Three completions gets a first down. Downfield blocking is O.K as long as the ball is not in the air. Quarterback can run after the five second count. First team to 5 wins and each player on the winning team gets 50 points. Finally, we play some three on three rat ball.

No calling your own fouls. No three pointers. Winners outs. Winning team members get 50 points each. If you are still around, we'll buy you a beer…unless you want to go for a little run, first.

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