If you do call yourself a runner, can you handle the truth?
The Scene in the Northwest (Eugene, Harrisburg, Junction City, Linn & Lane Counties of Oregon or elsewhere as the mood strikes us!)

Hood to Coast - Steve Dinatale attempts to recruit this runner for the team on the road of the Hood to Coast Relay, August 2007.

Index of Past Scenes

Alternative Xmas Tree City of Eugene December 2000
Holiday Tree Flap
December 2000
(Now ruled to be secular decor, more traditional Christmas Trees will return to Eugene City Offices in Dec. 2001)
Rhody Run in Florence
Getting into it at the start of the Rhody Run in Florence, Oregon - May 2001
Butte to Butte in Eugene Oregon
Two 10k Truth Butte to Butte Beauts on the Fourth of July 2001 in Eugene, Oregon

Scandia Run, Junction City, Oregon - August 2001

Running Kong , Coburg Hills, Oregon - October 2001

Eugene, Oregon traffic congestion and the Olympic Flame on way to Salt Lake City and the Winter Olympics, February 2002 (photo by Zak Williams)
April Fools 15K
April Fools 15K, Alton Baker Park, Eugene, OR - April 2002

Run in the Country 5-miler in progress down Coburg Road, Coburg, Oregon - July 21, 2002.

Matt Logan (nephew of The Rage) for Dartmouth Middle School (San Jose, CA)* - Oct. 2002

Civil War Relay Runner - November 24, 2002

Silver Streaks Team Runner - Civil War Relay November 2003

Rage Talks Van Smack to Wendy Simmons, Civil War Relay Runner - November 2003 **

High School Track Meet in Ellensburg, Washington - Start of 400m (April 2004)

Michael Logsdon and Regan Eberhart summit on Thanksgiving Day, 2004 - Manastash Ridge, Kittitas County, Washington overlooking Vanderbilt Country Estates (Photo by Ben Logsdon, Courtesy of Furious M)

Rage Assumes a Third Place Pose to
Brian Stockdale (2nd) and 2005 Rhody Run Champ K.C. Taylor in Florence, Oregon

Who are these guys and what are they so happy about? 2005 Scandia Run survivors - Junction City, Oregon (Photo Courtesy of Al Whalen)

Rhody Run competitors--Florence, OR 2006
*Logan, applies his speed quite proficiently to the soccer field, as well. When asked to describe his Uncle Rage in a single word, he chose "psycho" which coincidently is the most popular response to most 10KTruth reader surveys. Nice running, Matt! - October 2002
** The one safe place for both trash talk and smack in running is during relays. If you run on our team, don't expect some gushing "you're looking good" encouragement as your fellow team mates lean out the window as they pass by in the van while you're hoofing up some steep hill. Typical "encouragement" comes in the form of: "Is that all you got?" or "You can open it up any time, now." - The Rage on Smack vs. Trash Talk

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