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If you do call yourself a runner, can you handle the truth?

Boston Marathon

Bosworth Race Report: 106th Boston Marathon—April 15, 2002

Finish of the 106th Boston Marathon

Monday morning at the Colonnade in Boston and I hook up with Mark Kalen and his buddies and we take the bus to Hopkinton and arrive about 9:30am. The strange thing is the bus ride was so long I just couldn't imagine running all the way back to Boston. We hang out, eat bagels, drink and wait for the noon start.

55 degrees and very humid. We walk to the start past a long line of busses. A tall hedge becomes an impromptu toilet, men on the street side women on the other. There's a punk kid in a driveway with a guitar and amp, playing a Jimi Hendrix tune. Cool.

Todd Bosworth (left) and Mark Kalen at Hopkinton, bracing themselves for yet another marathon
...will they ever learn?

The gun goes off and we shuffle across the start line. I'm sweating like a pig by 3 miles. Not a good omen. I wanted to run 7:15s but we're cruising under 7:00s. At 7 miles I tell Mark and Angelo I'm slowing down and watched them go. But the race is amazing. People lined up on either side of the road the entire way. Rolling hills between little towns and parties on the front lawns with beer and BBQs. Like a 26.2 mile long parade. Constant cheering. At twelve miles Wellesley College and the girls are screaming for a half mile. See Mark again at mile 18 or so. His hamstring was bugging him. He'd get ahead of me up the hills and I'd pass him down the hills. Last time I saw him was up Heartbreak Hill.

Heartbreak Hill is a misnomer. Slight incline for a half mile. Shelly and Weston (in the backpack) were waiting at the top of Heartbreak, Boston College, 21 mile mark. I was zoned out when I heard them yelling but decided to turn around and go say "hi." After crossing over the yellow tape I got confused as to where they were in the crowd. I finally found them up a little road walking back to the train. Sweaty hug and some kisses.

Back over the orange temporary fence and I have 5 miles to go. South Boston and the crowds are now 5-10 people deep. Really loud. There's Fenway Park and I'm at 25. The sun breaks through. Down Beacon, right turn, left turn, Boylston and there's the finish. I tell myself I'm never running another marathon. What the Hell was I thinking? I'm completely wasted but still running. People screaming. Across the finish line and I walk to the VIP tent. They ask me if I want anything? Yes, a chair, liquids and some quiet.

Bosworth & Kalen sporting those cool Boston finishers medals
(Any bets on if they are underglass on the mantle above the fireplace by now?)

There's Mark. He finished a few minutes before me. "What do you think about New York this fall?" - by Todd Bosworth, April 25, 2002

The Bosworths taking in Boston---a heck of a lot more fun than running 26.2 miles

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